Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: More on states' immigration plans, CO governor seeks conditions from ICE, the census and Latino politics, more

States seek to tackle birthright citizenship, illegal immigration - Atlanta Journal-Counstitution More on state lawmakers' plans to gather in Washington this week to announce their anti-illegal immigration strategies, including a plan by GOP legislators to challenge the 14th Amendment.

Ritter expected to make announcement on use of Secure Communities data - The Denver Post Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter has sought four conditions to the agreement with immigration authorities on the fingerprint-sharing program that aims to find and deport people with criminal records, including that it be used only for serious crimes.

Immigrants Call For National Bud Lite Boycott Against Hensley - Technorati Immigrant rights activists in Arizona want to boycott Bud Light over contributions made to anti-illegal immigration candidates by its chief distributor in the state, Hensley and Co.

A Sense of the Census Numbers - LA Beez Some perspective on what the electoral math stemming from the 2010 census means in political terms for Latinos.

“Is This What We Need?” Russian Immigrant Leader Questions Brighton Beach Reality TV Show - Feet in 2 Worlds Russian immigrants in Brooklyn are concerned over Lifetime TV’s plans to launch a “Brighton Beach” reality show, fearing negative ethnic stereotyping.