Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The Arizona shooting, ethnic studies, birthright citizenship and more

Arizona shooting: Arizona's us-versus-them brand of politics - Los Angeles Times From the story: "Condemnation of the state's tough law on illegal immigration — including boycotts that cost the state millions of dollars — has furthered an us-versus-them attitude among some Arizonans."

Intern's actions may have saved Rep. Gabrielle Gifford's life - USA Today How 20-year-old intern Daniel Hernandez came to Giffords' rescue after the shooting, trying to stop the bleeding from her wound.

Illegal immigration: Can states win fight against 'birthright citizenship'? - CSMonitor Some experts suggest that birthright citizenship could be a difficult target, in part because the 14th Amendment is among the "clearest passages of the Constitution."

Rights groups seeks to block more of Arizona immigration law - Reuters The American Civil Liberties Union and six civil and Hispanic rights' groups seek a preliminary injunction to block two sections of the law targeting day laborers and those who hire them.

Arizona Bans Latino Studies Program, Fueling New Immigration Fight - Politics Daily Eleven teachers have filed suit in federal courts challenging the state's new ethnic-studies law.