Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Forced trips to Juarez for visas, underwater scooters, New Mexico plan criticized, Egyptian Americans speak out, m

Dying for a Green Card - Mother Jones Story poses the question, "Why does the US force legal immigrants to get their visas in Juárez, Mexico's murder capital?"

U.S. border police nab migrants with dive scooters - Reuters This is different: Two wetsuit-clad men were caught after using self-propelled underwater "dive scooters;" they were found walking up Imperial Beach, south of San Diego.

Dems slam Gov. Susana Martinez over immigration reform plan - The State Column Martinez wants to require state law enforcement officers to ask about the immigration status of crime suspects.

ACLU threatens to sue Georgia over immigration bills; first hearing on bill to get under way - Atlanta Journal-Constitution A state House bill and a similar one in the Senate are said to closely resemble Arizona laws that have been challenged by the federal government.

Egyptian Americans Say US Should Pressure Mubarak Government - Voice of America Many Egyptian Americans say they want for the Obama administration and Congress to pressure Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down, though the federal government has not taken this position.