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'Unrest in Iran' segment on KPCC draws reaction

An Iranian flag flown at a 2009 rally in Los Angeles
An Iranian flag flown at a 2009 rally in Los Angeles
Photo by killerturnip/Flickr (Creative Commons)

As protests continue in the Middle East, including in Iran, members of Los Angeles' large Iranian American community have been closely watching the unrest from afar, with local supporters of the pro-democracy demonstrators rallying in solidarity last weekend.

Today, Los Angeles-based Radio Iran host Siamak Kalhor appeared on KPCC's Madeleine Brand show, drawing reactions from Iranian Americans and other listeners. The segment drew an interesting thread of comments on the show's website, along with thank-you notes to the show for featuring it. A couple of comments:

From Simin Warren:

Very interesting , seems like the whole world sees this , but no one can do anything about it.

Mohammad Mokhtari was a Iranian protester killed on Monday, February 14, 2011, while you and I were celebrating Valentine's Day. His last FB status yesterday: "GOD, LET ME DIE WHILE STANDING AS I AM TIRED OF SITTING UNDER TYRANNY." When you think of a true life hero, think of this young man.

Saayeh Sarmast
I am a fan of Mr. Kalhor. It is about time to have you in English speaking Channels. American Media need experts like you. We Love you for what you do for us.

Thanks KPCC , for supporting us in the road to feedom.

Since the ousting of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak last week after more than two weeks of violent protests, demonstrators have taken to the streets in Iran, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen, all calling for democratic political reforms.