Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Doubts linger over Salazar's death, an 'omnibus' immigration bill in Arizona, Miami housewives, more

Ruben Salazar: A witness remains suspicious about Ruben Salazar's death - Los Angeles Times The draft version of a report due out today does not assign blame for the death of the veteran Los Angeles journalist during a 1970 protest, but a photographer who witnessed the scene outside the building in which Salazar was struck by a tear gas projectile still has his doubts.

Pearce drops “omnibus” immigration bill - Arizona Capitol Times In addition to the anti-birthright citizenship legislation being heard in the state senate today, there is now a sweeping bill introduced by Sen. Russell Pearce that would deny undocumented immigrants access to public benefits, and prohibit everything from driving a car to enrolling in community colleges.

In Calif., US-born Latinos far more likely to get liver cancer - California Watch A study finds that for Latino males born in the United States, rates of liver cancer are more than double those of foreign-born Latinos. Meanwhile, for Asians born in this country, liver cancer rates fall by half or more.

Up Close and Latina: The Real Housewives of Miami - Fox News Latino From the story: "The show has filmed in Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Washington DC, New York and Atlanta. But finally, it has arrived at the epicenter of Latin America: Miami." Four of the cast members are Latina, a first for the hit Bravo show.

Nearly 1,000 mourners gather for slain ICE agent - The Associated Press Mourners gathered in Texas last night to remember Special Agent Jaime Zapata, 32, who was murdered in Mexico last week.

Many Immigrants Start Job Search in Chinatown - New York Times A look at the bare-bones employment agencies in New York's Chinatown that offer employment to new arrivals.