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'Click if you like our champurrado:' Taqueros embrace social media

Tacos and champurrado, hot off a taco truck, December 2006
Tacos and champurrado, hot off a taco truck, December 2006
Photo by mswine/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The other day, I mentioned in a conversation that I'd begun following the acclaimed Nina's Food (@BreedStScene) on Twitter. The old-school Boyle Heights quesadilla expert, who placed first in last year's L.A. Vendy Awards, has a Twitter feed that's sporadic but has more than 1,200 followers. How great it would be, my friend mused, if more traditional vendors like Nina's embraced social media and prospered. "Some of them could do pretty well," he said.

Turns out there are quite a few taqueros who have had this idea, embracing the ways of the non-taco trucks that sell things like, say, grilled cheese. Earlier this week, the blog LA Taco published a list of some traditional taco trucks that have taken to the Libro de Caras, i.e. Facebook.

I liked this no-nonsense entry from Tacos El Gallito last month:

In this weather, would you buy our champurrado if you could? Click like if you like our champurrado.

Yes, El Gallito. Thanks for reminding us that there's nothing like a steaming cup of champurrado on a cool evening - and that so far, the Kogi trucks don't sell champurrado. We're heading over.