Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Landmark bills signed in Utah, Irish Americans' labor legacy, Japanese earthquake relief and memorial, more

Utah Governor Signs Landmark Immigration Bills - Fox News Latino One bill requires police to check the immigration status of people stopped on suspicion of a felony or serious misdemeanor. Another creates a guest worker program for unauthorized immigrants in the state. The others allow businesses to recruit Mexican workers and let U.S. citizens sponsor foreign residents wanting to work or study in Utah.

CEOs urge Arizona to forgo immigration measures - BusinessWeek Dozens of large Arizona employers are urging state lawmakers to not pass additional legislation targeting illegal immigration, saying it would damage the state's economy and tourism industry.

For Irish-Americans, labor threats carry poignancy - BusinessWeek From Patrick J. Lynch, head of the union that represents New York police: "...the faces may have changed. The countries they're coming from may have changed. But the ladder is the same."

What turns “the Other” into one of us? - The Washington Post Both the Japan earthquake, and last week's U.S. Congressional hearings on Muslims, which the quake news eclipsed, "raise the compelling question of what it takes to turn a group perceived as alien and threatening--whether across the ocean or down the block--into people Americans see as neighbors, fellow citizens, and fellow human beings."

Japanese American groups, businesses step up quake relief efforts - MULTI-AMERICAN Events today include a drive-through fundraiser on Main Street downtown and a memorial service in Little Tokyo tonight.

Lawmaker apologizes for immigration remark - A Kansas state legislator has apologized for his comments about shooting undocumented immigrants and referring to them as "feral hogs.