Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Latino population growth and politics, 100 years after the Triangle fire, Muslim civil rights hearing, more

Census data show Hispanic boom. How it could impact US politics. - Christian Science Monitor The Latino population in the United States grew 43 percent since 2000 to 50.5 million, accounting for more than half the nation's population growth and potentially affecting future elections.

The Triangle fire: A blaze that woke a nation - CNN Then as now, the garment industry is made up of immigrant workers. Of the 146 who died in the fire 100 years ago today, the majority were young Italian and European Jewish immigrants.

Senate to hold hearing on Muslim civil rights - Reuters The March 29 hearing is being held in response to recent incidents targeting Muslims, such as Koran burnings and controversies over the building of mosques.

San Gabriel ‘maternity tourism’ operation reignites birthright citizenship debate - MULTI-AMERICAN After San Gabriel city officials shut down a makeshift maternity ward catering to foreign nationals, talk among politicians and others has gone back to restricting who gets U.S. citizenship at birth.