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A stream of consciousness ode to Tapatío sauce, revisited

Photo by Jeremy Brooks/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Before the weekend begins, I'm reposting this too-good-to-miss nugget from a post yesterday. In a piece about hunting for Tapatío hot sauce-flavored Doritos, I included a wonderful, if hard to follow, ode to Tapatío sauce that I came across in an “I Love Tapatío Hot Sauce” section on

Its author, identified on the site as "marioxgutierrez," wrote it stream of consciousness style in hip-hop phonetics. It takes a little concentration to read, but it's oddly poetic and sweet. And this is not, I repeat not, the kind of person you want to get into a Tapatío-versus-Cholula argument with.

Hit it, Tapatío-loving guy:

Deff a socal thing even tho now that im in miami and i see it out here ive seen its caught on i literally grew up on tapatio specially me an my momz fav doritos or kc masterpiece lays chips or any chips really an tapatio cant go wrong an then on all my momz food we used tapatio on tacos de frijoles chinitos y tocino also spam cooked an diced an put on a tortilla wit sum ketchup an tapatio an my fav hot dogs wit ketchup mustard n tapatio ive tried other hot sauces like my dads fav since he from tamazula jalisco salsa tamazula an dont get me wrong das my number 2 but na an also amor, buffalo, valentina, an u can even throw in tabasco an water’d down hot sauces from down south an yea no comparison tapatio goes wit everything oh yea i forgot cup o noodles or jus top ramen wit sum lemon juice an tapatio shiiiiieeeet i even got it in my cars glove box so yea I LOVE TAPATIO.

There has been a minor uproar, as least in my personal social media world, over Doritos (and Fritos) recently on the market flavored with L.A.'s own Tapatío sauce. As anyone who lives here knows, Tapatío is a regional obsession. Years ago, before it became widely available, I used to smuggle it to friends craving the stuff who had moved out of state.

And there has been a scarcity of the chips locally, leading people to post updates on my Facebook page like: "My friend found them in Hollywood others have spotted them in the So. Bay. I have yet to find them myself."

No word on whether Frito-Lay is withholding product as a marketing strategy, but if they are, it's working. The company is coming out with a news release next week.

Meanwhile, I've posted a handy map tool for anyone interested in helping those (like me) who have yet to eat them. There's one marker on there now, after reader Daniel Garza commented:

At the gas station on Los Feliz and Vermont... I just had them on Wednesday... Go, run!!!!