Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: A year of SB 1070, Secure Communities controversy continues, O.C. solidarity protest for Syria, more

SB1070 one year later: Debate rages on - Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law was signed into law April 23 of last year. The state remains bitterly divided over the measure, which is tied up in the courts with its major provisions not yet in effect.

Legislator: Feds lied on immigration - UPI Rep. Zoe Lofgren is calling for an investigation after the release of e-mails indicating that federal immigration officials knew that the Secure Communities enforcement program was mandatory, as some jurisdictions which believed it to be optional were trying to opt out of it.

Secure Communities, illegal immigration, deportation: Federal deportation program sweeps up noncriminals and low-level offenders - Los Angeles Times The enforcement program, which involves cooperation from local authorities, was to net deportable immigrants with criminal records. But in practice it casts a much wider net.

O.C. protest targets Syrian government - The Orange County Register More than 300 people demonstrated at Brookhurst Street and Orange Avenue in Anaheim this weekend, expressing hope that Syria will be the latest Middle East country to witness the toppling of a long-reigning autocracy.

Hispanic population growth could realign South's politics - Miami Herald Surges among Hispanic populations in the deep south could mean a political sea change over the next two decades, as immigrants become naturalized and they and their American-born children register to vote.