Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: More Secure Communities resistance, hurdles for national Latino museum, the California Dream Act, more

Officials Resist Federal ‘Secure Communities’ Program - New York Times A program central to the Obama administration's immigration enforcement strategy faces growing resistance from state governments and police. The governor of Illinois has announced plans to pull the state out. There is resistance in other states, including California, where a bill seeks to make participation voluntary.

Many hurdles lie ahead for Latino museum - Sacramento Bee As envisioned by supporters, the National Museum of the American Latino would sit in Washington, D.C. and tell the story of the Latino experience in America, starting with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. But there are financial and other obstacles.

Hispanic Caucus calls on Obama to freeze controversial immigration enforcement program - Los Angeles Times Resistance to the federal Secure Communities fingerprint sharing program is also coming from Latino political leaders. Yesterday the Congressional Hispanic Caucus asked President Obama to freeze the controversial enforcement program.

What is the California Dream Act? - Multi-American The state bill, approved in the Assembly yesterday and now headed to the Senate, would allow for undocumented college students to obtain scholarships that are not derived from state funds.

Florida immigration bill moves through Senate, but House approval seen unlikely - Palm Beach Post A controversial bill that has led to protests in Florida would require work force boards to use E-Verify, a federal online system for verifying work eligibility, to check the immigration status of potential workers before referring them to employers.