Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Yemen in Bakersfield: Hoping for a revolution 8,000 miles away (Video)

The Los Angeles region has large enclaves of immigrants from throughout the Middle East, but it's in Bakersfield that immigrants from the Persian Gulf nation of Yemen have established a tight-knit community. KPCC videographer Grant Slater traveled there recently to profile Yemenis hoping for democratic reforms in their native country, among them a check-cashing store owner who hopes to return to live in Yemen someday.

The video is part of a five-day series on the Multi-American and KPCC websites featuring the stories of immigrants watching the unfolding of what has become known as the Arab Spring, coping with the political upheaval back home from a distance.

Yesterday we met two Southern California doctors, both of them immigrants from Libya, who became friends after both traveled there recently to treat victims of the conflict. Tuesday, we met Egyptian immigrants who shared their thoughts on the revolution there and its aftermath. On Monday, we met a Tunisian-born business and pro-democracy activist.