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Report: How different ethnic groups use electronic media

Photo by Old Shoe Woman/Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Old Shoe Woman/Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Old Shoe Woman/Flickr (Creative Commons)

A new report based on research from The Nielsen Company delves into the electronic media habits of minorities, including the use of social media and smartphones. The findings, released yesterday, show that "African Americans are TV-centric, Hispanics are savvy smartphone users, and Asians/Pacific Islanders are heavily wired to the Internet."

Latinos are also more likely to use MySpace than average American consumers, according to the report, while black Americans are heavier Twitter users. Some excerpts:

African Americans are the heaviest TV consumers, watching 6 hours and 54 minutes a day versus the 5 hour and 11 minute average for all U.S. households. More than 30 percent of African American households have four or more televisions, and they over-index in subscription to premium cable services.

Hispanics are very active on their smartphones, texting the most out of all races/ethnicities (943 texts per month) and employing a wide range of mobile activities, including mobile banking. Smartphone penetration has reached 45 percent, matching only Asian-American usage levels in popularity.

Asians/Pacific Islanders are the most active PC and Internet users, spending nearly 80 hours on PCs in February 2011 versus the national average of about 55 hours. They also consume more Internet content than any other group, visiting 3,600 web pages in February – about 1,000 more than their counterparts.

While Asian American consumers watch less television, they do more watching online, streaming the most video, according to the report. And unlike Latinos, who text more, African Americans spend more time talking on their cell phones, using more voice minutes than other groups.

The report also gets into each group's shopping habits, describing Latinos as the biggest spenders.