Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: California's in-state tuition law upheld, Massachusetts shuns Secure Communities, Utah 'hit list' case, more

Supreme Court ruling on tuition for immigrant students likely to bolster legislation nationwide - Los Angeles Times The U.S. Supreme Court decided yesterday that California may continue granting reduced in-state tuition to college students who are undocumented. The decision is expected to bolster similar proposals, as well as a California measure to that would allow these students access to public financial aid.

Two Plead Guilty In Utah Immigration 'Hit List' Case - NPR The charges stem from the distribution of an immigration "hit list" to reporters and law enforcement by Utah state employees, along with an anonymous demand that the people named be deported. The list included personal information, including social security numbers, birth dates and even due dates for pregnant women.

Illegal Immigration Focus Switches To Employers - NPR Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law that penalizes employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers. Many other states approved roughly similar legislation, and many more look set to follow.

Massachusetts Is Third State to Reject Obama Immigration Program - New York Times Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has decided the state will not participate in a fingerprint-sharing program that is central to the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement strategy. The governors of Illinois and New York both recently announced similar decisions.

Supreme Court demands review of ruling in anti-illegal immigration case - Christian Science Monitor A federal appeals court ruled that the anti-illegal immigration laws of Hazleton, Pa., which limit undocumented immigrants ability to rent housing and work, clashed with federal authority. But the Supreme Court is telling the appeals court to reconsider the case.