Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Jail for use of fake IDs to work in Georgia, Latina moms website launches, a 'Hispanic Tea Party' in Texas, more

New immigration law targets use of fake IDs - Atlanta Journal-Constitution A little known provision of Georgia's strict new immigration law that went into effect July 1 is called aggravated identity fraud, under which any adult who uses a fake ID to get work be imprisoned for 15 years and pay a steep fine.

Latina Mothers a Rising Demographic—and Target of New Website, ‘Mamiverse’ - The Daily Beast A new website launches for Latina moms: "Mamiverse wants to be for Latinas what Oprah Winfrey was for African-Americans: a pal, a spiritual adviser, and, more subtly, an image-changer."

Pharr pastor starts nation's first 'Hispanic Tea Party' - Armando Vera, a Texas pastor and naturalized U.S. citizen, heads "the first-ever 'Hispanic Tea Party' in the United States."

Family of U.S. agent slain in Mexico demands to know source of guns - Los Angeles Times The lawyer for the family of slain U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata, who was shot to death in Mexico, says U.S. officials refuse to answer questions about how the weapons used in his ambush were smuggled there.

Does Georgia's immigration bill 'simply follow existing federal law?' - PolitiFact A statement fro a Georgia lawmaker that the state's new anti-illegal immigration law simply follows existing federal law receives a "half true" rating.