Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Controversy over CA Supreme Court pick, a shift in Europe's immigration debate, the HALT Act, more

California Supreme Court nominee Goodwin Liu sparks criticism - Los Angeles Times Gov. Jerry Brown’s nominee, a UC Berkeley law professor, would join two other Asian American justices. There are no Latino or African American justices on the court following the retirement of Justice Carlos R. Moreno. Many had expected a Latino nominee.

Former South Vietnam Premier Nguyen Cao Ky dies - Southern California Public Radio The former leader, who died in Malaysia, spent some time living in Orange County after the war. In 1984, an Orange County Register reporter discovered him running a liquor store there, in what he described as the county's "worst slum."

Obama Takes Heat from Pro-Immigration Groups - Voice of America Hundreds of pro-immigrant activists gathered recently near the White House to protest what they consider President Obama's inaction on promised immigration reforms. “We are here to collect on the promises he made to us," one activist said.

Shift in Europe Seen in Debate on Immigrants - New York Times The hate-driven massacre by that occurred less than a week ago in Norway seems to be prompting "a shift in the debate over Islam and the radical right in Europe" as shocked Europeans react to the crime.

What is the HALT Act? - Multi-American A proposal heard in the House earlier this week aims to eliminate many long-employed forms relief for immigrants used on a case-by-case basis. The bill was introduced in reaction to a recent federal memo urging use of prosecutorial discretion in immigration cases.

'Queen of banda' inducted into Poly Walk of Fame - Southern California Public Radio Singer Jenni Rivera is known as the "Queen of Banda," that strain of Mexican music characterized by brass and percussion that derives from German cultural influences. She is a graduate of Long Beach Polytechnic High School.