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Latino voters weigh in on the debt deal

Source: Latino Decisions-impreMedia

The latest in a series of tracking polls measuring the attitudes of Latino registered voters has respondents weighing in on the debt deal negotiated by the Obama administration and Republicans in Congress.

In the survey, conducted by the Latino Decisions polling firm in partnership with impreMedia, the parent company of the Spanish-language Los Angeles daily La Opinión, nearly half those polled (46 percent) said they preferred raising taxes on the wealthy as opposed to cutting existing programs.

Only seven percent said they favored cutting programs. Thirty-seven percent of the Latino voters polled they favored a combination of tax increases and spending cuts.

A "super committee" of legislators charged with finding ways to reduce the deficit has been created as part of the debt compromise. Committee members were named last week and must present their recommendations to Congress by Nov. 23.

Latino Decisions and impreMedia have been working together to produce a series of national tracking polls exploring the attitudes of Latino registered voters. Recent polls have measured voters' attitudes on the Obama administration's handling of immigration issues and the importance of immigration among federal policy issues.