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'¡Ask a Mexican!' the Off-Broadway play? ¡Sí!

Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly has revealed a long-kept secret: There is now a play based on his famously love-it-or-hate-it ¡Ask a Mexican! column, y en Nueva York, no less.

It's not a musical (though that would be a fun experiment), but it's being produced by a respected theater company, which will give the play its first reading next week. Arellano writes:

The play will get its first-ever reading next Friday courtesy of the Atlantic Theater Company, the award-winning Off-Broadway outfit co-founded by David Mamet (who long ago sent me a book expressing his admiration of my columna) and William H. Macy. It'll be part of their Latino Mixfest, an annual showcase of Latino-themed plays from across the country that offers public readings and workshops for aspiring playwrights...and me.