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Tweeting the California Dream Act

The hashtag #dreamact has been trending on Twitter since Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law this morning a bill known as AB 131, which allows undocumented college students who meet state residency requirements to obtain state-funded financial aid for tuition. The bill is the second of two bills referred to as the California Dream Act, the first of which Brown signed in July.

The controversial measure has long drawn both ardent support and outrage, especially given the state's financial woes. A few recent tweets, first the happy ones:

From @sigourneynunez:

Proud to be a Californian! #dreamscometrue #DREAMAct

From @lizap:

Yes! Jerry Brown passes #DreamAct in the Golden State. Are you listening, Alabama? #p2

From @joseiswriting, aka Jose Antonio Vargas, a former Washington Post reporter who recently came out as undocumented:

Gov. brown just signed CA #DREAMAct into law. Congrats to all, especially to young CA activists #inspiration

From @48thave:

@JerryBrownGov Thank you for introducing sanity to CA immigration policy for my undocumented bros & sisters. Go, Jerry! #DreamAct

And some not-so-happy tweets:

From ruby4050:

#CA is doomed #DREAMAct Highest unemployement, lowest business prospects, highest taxes, foreclosures and now illegals!

From @jocatapi:

i guess i need to renig my US citizenship,go to mexico to get mexican citizenship, jump the border THEN my state will recognize me #DreamAct

From @VasquezMusic:

Hey, I'm Latina but I do not support the #DreamAct make the illegals LEGAL first!

And referring to Republican state Assembly member Tim Donnelly, an opponent of the measure, @davidsiders wrote:

Donnelly calls #DreamAct "biggest mistake that Gov. Brown has ever made ... other than unionizing public employees."

Until now, undocumented college students in California have been barred from public financial aid. AB 130, the companion bill to AB 131, allowed these students access to privately funded scholarships and grants only.

A recent version of AB 131 can be downloaded here.