Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Obama's immigration policies protested, Alabama's lack of workers, anti-Latino hate crimes rise, more

Latinos to protest Obama's immigration policies - CNN Activists are planning a national "day of action" in 10 cities to protest President Obama's immigration enforcement policies and demand an end to the controversial Secure Communities fingerprint sharing program.

Test fails to replace immigrant laborers with U.S. citizens in Alabama - Boston Herald After experimenting with hiring unemployed Americans to pick crops, the head of an agriculture trade group in the state has said resident Americans "lack the physical stamina and the mental toughness" for the job.

Anti-Latino Hate Crimes Rise As Immigration Debate Intensifies - Huffington Post Studies are indicating that several high-profile incidents of violence toward Latinos in recent years are not isolated crimes, but part of a larger trend.

Report: More deportees criminals - Politico Of the more than 400,000 people deported last year, 55 percent had criminal convictions, some more serious than others. The Obama administration has stated that deporting people with offense records is a priority.

Top Hispanic Congressman Slams Herman Cain's Illegal Immigration Remedy - ABC News GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain's "joke" about building an electrified border fence has met with a rebuke from Rep. Charles Gonzalez, chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who warned Cain against "using his popularity to irresponsibly stoke public opinion."