Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Obama seeking Latino support, AZ case against feds dismissed, Muslim workers fired over prayer break dispute, more

Obama comes to Southern California seeking Latino support - Southern California Public Radio President Obama is back in Los Angeles today, raising money for his re-election campaign and trying to garner the support of Latino voters.

Latino Republicans Find Party A Tough Sell - NPR President Obama has lost approval from Latino voters recently, but Latino voters haven't been embracing the GOP, either.

Brewer's lawsuit over Obama immigration policy dismissed - Arizona Republic A U.S. District Court judge Friday dismissed Gov. Jan Brewer's lawsuit against the federal government over immigration enforcement, a countersuit to a federal lawsuit over SB 1070. The state lawsuit argued that the federal government  failed to protect Arizona from "invasion."

Medical aid for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney - Los Angeles Times The state health care law that Mitt Romney signed in 2006 as governor of Massachusetts included a program known as the "Health Safety Net," which allows undocumented immigrants and other uninsured to get medical care.

Worker says prayer break got her fired - CNN Muslim employees of the Hertz car rental chain at the Seattle-Tacoma airport were fired after not clocking out for prayer breaks. (Video)