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Colbert on Alabama and the farm jobs 'Americans would like to do' (Video)

The Colbert Report
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In case you missed last night's The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert provided his comic take on the farm labor-immigration crisis in Alabama, where many immigrant workers have walked off the job and left the state in the wake of a stringent anti-illegal immigration law.

Attempts to replace them with native-born American workers down on their luck haven't worked out, with farmers complaining that they aren't up to doing the backbreaking work of harvesting crops like hard-to-pick tomatoes. Colbert's take: That the immigrant workers were "stealing yet another thing that Americans would like to do."

"All Alabama was trying to do was free up those farm jobs that 'los ilegales' were taking from Americans," he quips. There's also a clip from his Congressional testimony last year.