Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Border busing, a 180-year-old immigrant murder mystery, non-Latino immigrants less worried in Alabama, more

Use of busing system to deter returning illegal immigrants increases - Arizona Republic The Border Patrol is increasingly taking people caught crossing the border illegally in southern Arizona and busing them to Texas and California, from where they are returned  to Mexico. The idea is to deter repeated crossings, but critics say the practice puts migrants in more danger.

In Florida, Students Born To Illegal Immigrants Sue Over Tuition - NPR Florida residents who are being charged out-of-state tuition fees to attend state colleges and universities have filed a class-action lawsuit in Miami. The students are U.S. citizens born to undocumented immigrants.

Pa. researchers unable to unearth Irish mass grave - The Associated Press Did the dozens of Irish railroad workers dumped into a mass grave in 1832 in Pennsylvania succumb to disease, as the local story has long gone, or were some murdered by anti-immigrant vigilantes? Two historians investigating say there's enough evidence to suggest foul play.

Illegal immigrant goes on trial for murder in car crash that killed Benedictine nun in Va. - The Washington Post Carlos Martinelly Montano, an undocumented immigrant from Bolivia involved in a fatal crash last year that killed a nun, is being tried for murder. Prosecutors say he was under the influence and had been convicted of drunken driving in the past.

Non-Latino immigrants less worried about Ala. law - The Republic While a stringent new anti-illegal immigration law in Alabama has prompted some concerns among Southeast Asian immigrants, many of whom arrived legally as refugees from Vietnam, they are minimal in comparison to those of the Latinos who have been leaving the state.