Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: DOJ puts pressure on Alabama schools, minority kids sold sugary drinks, Jan Brewer says 'we are not racist,' more

DOJ warns Alabama schools on immigration law - Politico The federal Justice Department is putting pressure on Alabama schools to abide by federal law, which mandates that children cannot be denied a public education based on immigration status.

Court To Decide If Texas Voting Maps Discriminate - NPR Texas has sued the federal government in hopes of winning court approval for new state legislative maps. The state stands to gain four new seats in the House, but critics say the new maps put Latino voters at a disadvantage.

A Mobile Oasis in a 'Food Desert' - New York Times In a low-income Massachusetts neighborhood lacking adequate grocery options, a food bank truck may be a viable option for residents seeking healthier food.

Sugary Drink Makers Target Latino Youth, Report Says - Fox News Latino A new Yale University study suggests that the manufacturers of soft drinks and other sugary drinks target their marketing campaigns to Latino and African-American children and teens.

Jan Brewer On Arizona Immigration Law: 'We Are Not Racist, We Are Not Bigoted' (Video) - Huffington Post Promoting her new book on MSNBC yesterday, the Arizona governor "defended her state and its strict immigration law from ongoing criticism that the legislation was motivated by prejudice."

S.C. Rep. Duncan likens illegal immigrants to animals, vagrants - Miami Herald Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan likened undocumented immigrants to "any kind of vagrant, or animal" during a speech to university students Monday.