Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Immigrants and assimilation, Arizona after Russell Pearce, Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law, more

Immigrants to U.S. Are Still Fitting In - Wall Street Journal New studies have concluded that members of "the great wave of contemporary immigration," people who arrived in the 1990s, are becoming well-integrated into U.S. society and are more assimilated than immigrants in other nations.

A turning point in the immigration debate? - Arizona Capitol Times Opponents of the strict immigration politics of just-ousted Arizona state senate president Russell Pearce are interpreting his defeat in a recall election last Tuesday as "a turning point in the debate in favor of a more nuanced solution to this complex problem."

Rock Center with Brian Williams - Immigrant workers, farmers fearful in wake of Alabama immigration law - MSNBC A collection of stories and videos related to the situation in Alabama after a stringent anti-illegal immigration law recently took effect, driving many immigrant workers out of the state and prompting a labor crisis.

Latino evangelicals challenge Alabama brethren on immigration - CNN The Roman Catholic, Episcopal and United Methodist churches have gone to court to block Alabama's new anti-illegal immigration law, but Latino evangelical leaders say their own voices are missing from the debate.

Hispanics would not flock to Marco Rubio as a vice presidential pick - Christian Science Monitor Rubio's name has been floated as a potential GOP vice presidential contender, but the Cuban American senator from Florida holds less appeal for Latino voters than some might think.