Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Want to help us tell the stories of L.A.'s immigrant family businesses?

Photo by elycefeliz/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Want to get involved in a storytelling project? My colleagues here at KPCC have put together a nifty Assignment Desk project tied to a panel we'll be hosting here next month on multi-generational immigrant family businesses, moderated by yours truly.

First, the panel: Members of the Latin American immigrant families that own iconic L.A. businesses like Porto's Bakery, Tapatio hot sauce, Gaviña Gourmet Coffee and the Guelaguetza restaurant chain will join me the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6 in the Crawford Family Forum at KPCC's Pasadena headquarters, where we'll talk about the dynamics of running what started as mom-and-pop shops across generations.

Now, the assignment: Just like the stories of the families that will participate on the panel are many others, less public and perhaps on a smaller scale, but worth knowing about all the same. Everyone has a story. The Assignment Desk project will allow the public to get involved in the reporting process. If you are part of a family business started by immigrants, whether it's you, your parents or grandparents, tell us your story. And if you know of an interesting immigrant family business, please tell us about them.

Check out the details here. And take along a camera, because photos and video are welcome.