Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Employment visa bill blocked, no deportation in same-sex marriage, possible changes for Alabama law, more

Bill Easing Employment-Based Visas Blocked - KPBS A House-approved bill that would ease restrictions on employment-based visas, and to a lesser degree on family-based immigrant visas, has hit a roadblock in the Senate with critics saying it doesn't protect U.S. workers.

Immigration law: Farmers skeptical as leaders pitch possible labor alternatives - Convicts, unemployed people, and foreign workers with temporary visas are all being debated as possible farm labor fill-ins for the immigrant workers who left Alabama following the enactment of a strict state anti-illegal immigration law.

Woman immigrant in same-sex marriage won't be deported - CNN In what's being called a historic decision in New York, an immigration judge has ruled that an Argentine-born woman in a same-sex marriage will not face deportation.

Arrests drop at U.S.-Mexican border – USA Today More on how illegal border-crossing arrests are at their lowest level since the Nixon administration, something that "could change the debate on illegal immigration from securing the border to handling the people who are already here."

Alabama AG Calls for Changes to State Immigration Law - Fox News Latino Addressing the state's anti-illegal immigration law, Alabama attorney general Luther Strange has suggested that state legislators "need to repeal some portions of the statute that have been put on hold by federal courts and to clarify others."