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Supreme Court announces it will take up SB 1070

The U.S. Supreme Court has announced today that it will take up the federal challenge to Arizona's SB 1070, the state's trailblazing 2010 anti-illegal immigration law. In spite of being partially blocked by a federal judge on the eve if its implementation, the law has inspired a series of similar laws in other states with equally stringent provisions, such as the ability of local police to check for immigration status.

How the high court rules could determine the extent to which states can go in attempting to set their own immigration laws. From a report just out in USA Today:

The Obama administration had asked the high court to stay out the closely watched case at this early phase, arguing it should let lower court judges examine the constitutionality of the law first.

The justices instead have decided to review whether lower federal court judges had sufficient grounds to block enforcement of the most controversial portions of the Arizona law -- which now has equivalents in several states -- while a question about their constitutionality is pending.

At the core is the dispute is how far states can go to try to discourage people from illegally crossing the border without infringing on the immigration-related power of the federal government.

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