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Poll: Latino voters not very excited about 2012 election, though economy, jobs and immigration are still top issues

The latest in a series of tracking polls conducted by impreMedia,  parent company of the Spanish-language daily La Opinión, and the polling firm Latino Decisions addresses Latino voters' attitude toward the coming election. In short, their enthusiasm seems to be waning, though their interest in specific election issues remains the same.

According to the results, only 44 percent of the Latino registered voters polled nationwide said they were "very enthusiastic" about participating in next year's presidential election, a measure that has slipped from 47 percent in October and 50 percent in August. A little more than half said they were certain to vote for President Obama, whose Latino support has also slipped. That said, the economy, jobs, and immigration continue to be the top three election issues for those polled.

The full report can be viewed by clicking on the links below. An excerpt:

As far as the issues of interest for this group of voters, they have also remained the same during the past 10 months: the economy and jobs have been competing for first place with the issue of immigration reform among the majority of Latinos.

The most recent poll showed a technical tie between the most important issues: 43% thought the economy and jobs are most important and 42% thought it was immigration reform. Latino Republicans are the exception; for 48% of them, the economy and jobs are the most important, while immigration reform matters most to 24%.

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