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The Week's list of 'If I Were a Poor Black Kid' greatest hits

I won't add my voice to the growing chorus of opinions regarding Forbes contributor Gene Marks' now-infamous "If I Were a Poor Black Kid" essay, at least other than to say that, well, even the best of intentions can sometimes lead to not-so-good places.

The essay, which in essence implied that study, hard work and technology can be enough to get an underprivileged kid out of a difficult life situation (it most often isn't), has inspired more responses than I can count, some much more eloquent and nuanced than the original piece. Others have been angry, funny or both, many capitalizing on the irony/impropriety of the essay being written by "a middle aged white guy," as Marks described himself.

The Week has compiled its half-dozen favorite responses, including this one from Jeff Yang of WYNC, who is not black, white, poor or middle aged:

6. "If I were a rich white dude"

"If I were a rich white dude," says Jeff Yang at WNYC, I'd study up before opening my mouth. I'd read books, such as Jonathan Kozol's Shame of a Nation and Savage Inequalities, to understand that the schools poor black kids go to don't always have the resources of the schools I know.

"I'd even use antiquated tools like a 'phone' to help me reach and connect with real experts on the topic I'm giving all this advice about." And I'd learn about compassion and sensitivity, so I could write columns that "aren't dripping with entitlement," and might actually do some good.

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