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More First Street Bridge crossings, west to east and back (Video)

A post last week asked readers to share recollections and thoughts on crossing Los Angeles' iconic First Street Bridge, which was reopened recently to the public after a years-long widening project. Spanning a concrete-lined stretch of the Los Angeles River between downtown and Boyle Heights, the bridge has been a fixture in the lives of generations of the mostly Latino Eastside residents who cross it on a daily basis as they head west to work, then back home.

This and a series of other nearby bridges are perhaps most significant as some of city's few tangible symbols of its race and class divisions, spanning a cultural and economic boundary.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) posted this simple video on its YouTube channel of what for many is the homeward crossing, heading east. And beneath my original post, a reader who identified himself as "Old Guy" posted this short east-to-west recollection below, which brought back some of my own nighttime river-crossing memories as an Eastside kid who headed west to see bands play. Old Guy wrote:

I remember walking under the bridge heading to Al's bar, thinking of all those silly river bed car race movies.

If you have an anecdote to share, feel free to post it it below.