Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: A childhood obesity gap along race and class lines, judge rules against Tucson ethnic studies program, more

Wide obesity gap between affluent city, lower-income one in L.A. County - Los Angeles Times The gap falls along race and class lines, with the county's lowest childhood obesity rate in Manhattan Beach, and the highest in Bell Gardens.

Calif. bars towing of cars just because driver unlicensed - USA Today On Sunday, a new law takes effect that does not allow police to impound cars at sobriety checkpoints, so long as the only offense is not having a license. In the past, these impounds have disproportionately affected undocumented immigrants.

For Some Iowa Voters, Immigration Is Decisive Issue : It's All Politics - NPR As next week's Iowa Caucuses near and GOP hopefuls campaign there, immigration has emerged as a "sleeper issue" in light of the state's changing demographics.

Tucson's ethnic-studies program violates Arizona law, judge rules - Los Angeles Times An administrative judge in Arizona has ruled that Tucson's Mexican American studies program is in violation of state law, allowing for the program to be eliminated.

Immigrant Oscar Vazquez fought for right to fight for U.S. - The Arizona Republic The story of one young man's lengthy battle with the immigration system in order to join the Army.