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Another 'Arizona-style' initiative in California?

It wouldn't be the first such initiative pushed by activists in California, but this one has apparently received the green light for a petition drive, which if successful could land it on the November 2012 ballot. Unlike a broader proposal filed last year, the initiative, which comes out of the Bay Area, focuses on urging the participation of local authorities in enforcing immigration laws.

This issue has already caused substantial friction between federal and local officials in California this year, with officials in cities such as San Francisco reluctant to embrace federal immigration enforcement programs that require local cops' involvement, such as Secure Communities.

From KGO, an ABC News affiliate in San Francisco:

The measure is only a short paragraph in length, but if 500,000 Californians sign on, it will be a big deal on the November ballot.

The measure would do away with California's sanctuary cities like San Francisco that don't require police to enforce immigration laws. The measure specifically says local law enforcement will be required to "comply with direction from federal immigration authorities for holding and transferring undocumented immigrants."

The measure would deny driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, meaning proof of legal residency would be required to get a license, and it would set aside $700 million over 20 years to fight so-called trans-national gangs.

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