Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The Latino vote in the primaries, immigration agents vs. new deportation policy, @MexicanMitt, more

Latino Vote Could Prove Crucial in Upcoming Primary States - ABC News There are more Latinos in South Carolina than in Iowa and New Hampshire combined, meaning there could be a shift in "the tenor of the Republican hopefuls toward Latinos."

Bishops Urge Catholics to Promote Humane Immigration Reform - Fox News Latino Catholic bishops attending a conference in Salt Lake City indicate that the church should be politically active at the national and local level to promote "a humane reform of immigration law."

ICE union leader denies alleged opposition to immigration policy - Federal News Radio The president of the National ICE council says it's not true that agents are resisting training to implement a new Obama administration deportation policy because they oppose it.

New Mexico worker says in suit she was fired after complaining of immigrant discrimination - The Washington Post A former employee of the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division alleges that she was not allowed to speak Spanish to foreign nationals wanting to renew their driver’s licenses.

Lawyer questions driving of officer who arrested Obama's uncle for alleged drunken driving - The Washington Post Defense counsel for Onyango Obama, President Barack Obama’s undocumented half-uncle, is reviewing the driving records of the police officer who arrested him last summer; the status of his immigration case "could not immediately be determined."

Mexican Mitt Mocks Real Romney's Bid To Court Latino Vote - ABC News The @MexicanMitt parody Twitter account, which seizes on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mexican family roots, continues to draw followers and press.