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But what would an abuela pocha say? (Videos)

There have been more spin-offs of last month's "Sh** Girls Say" videos on YouTube by now than anyone cares to count, most notably Francesca Ramsey's much-talked-about "Sh** White Girls Say... to Black Girls." The video thread has spent the past couple of weeks circulating through various ethnic groups, with an especially broad selection of Latino-related spoofs, some funnier (and more or less expletive-laced) than others.

I'm finally going to break down and post a couple of these, because this week, they've come for your grandmother - and for your prima in Norwalk.

A standout making the Twitter rounds this week has been "Sh** Abuelas Say," two videos featuring a suspiciously Cuban-sounding abuela who insults her family with love ("Oye, 'tas gorda!"), as abuelas do. Part one:

Yesterday's addition, "Sh** Pocha Girls Say" on, took us to more familiar Cali territory ("Whatevers!). It stars the very funny Sara Inés Calderón of News Taco, a regular:

(And yes, there's a band called Abuela Pocha, in case there's any confusion - but the headline refers to an altogether different creature. If someone makes that video, I'll watch it.)