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Drop that knife! A few superstitions for Lunar New Year

If you want to live long, eat some noodles today.
If you want to live long, eat some noodles today.
Photo by stumptownpanda/Flickr (Creative Commons)

As the Lunar New Year marking the Year of the Dragon kicks off, KPCC’s Kim Bui is giving housework a rest and pondering who to invite to – and who to keep out of – her home today. Why? I'll let her explain:

Chúc m?ng n?m m?i!

Today is the start of Lunar New Year. Growing up, this meant a trip to church to see the dragon dance and little red envelopes. As I've gotten older, the celebration of the new moon has always mean a fresh start and tasty food, plus plenty of superstitions.

My mother is a staunch Catholic, but like many Viets, she follows all of the proper New Year traditions. So, as an adult, I spent the weekend cleaning my house, getting it ready and doing some cooking and shopping and chopping (no knives on New Year's Day, it cuts your luck!).

For fun, I gathered a bunch of superstitions below. Which ones do you ascribe to?

A couple of other superstitions, collected from Twitter:
No washing hair the day of, no using scissors, no cursing or saying negative times like death, wearing brand new stuff, hair cut.

— Kristie Hang (??) (@KristieHang)

jump around on new years so you'll grow taller. And keep coins in your pockets. Place round fruit around the house for prosperity

— Paola Rodelas (@paopao619)