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What is a 'wetbook?' Ask a 'librotraficante' (Video)

Not sure whether to add these terms to the evolving cultural mashup dictionary, but Texas writer Tony Diaz got creative with his displeasure upon learning that the Tucson Unified School District would be discontinuing its Mexican American Studies program recently - and as part of that, also striking several book titles from the program's extensive classroom reading list.

While district officials have said the books aren't "banned" in that they can still be found in school libraries, nixed classroom volumes have been boxed up, among them the textbooks “Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years” and “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos.”

But as on the border, illicit demand creates contraband supply, right? Enter Diaz's funny-angry book smuggler, whose "librotraficante" carries, yes, "wetbooks," packing them into his black SUV in as a rooster with terrific timing crows in the background.

(And it goes without saying, but the opinions he expresses are his own.)