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By the numbers: U.S. leads in total number of immigrants, but not in total share

Source: Migration Policy Institute

The Migration Policy Institute's MPI Data Hub has put up some freshly updated stats, with several charts on the site providing good perspective on migration to the U.S. and around the world.

Two charts are worth presenting together: The top 10 countries with the largest number of international migrants, and the top 10 countries with the largest share. While the populous United States leads in terms of sheer number of immigrants, it doesn't even make the second list:

A third chart illustrates how, compared with several other countries where it has increased, the share of the foreign-born in the U.S. population has held steady in recent years:

Source: Migration Policy Institute

Unlike the other two charts showing 2010 data, the last chart's statistics date to 2009; since then, as the U.S. economy has continued to tank, illegal border-crossing arrests along the U.S. Mexico border (not an ideal barometer for inbound migration, but an indicator) have continued to drop.