Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Doubts about DHS 'public advocate,' Romney's endorsement from Pete Wilson, Brazil's immigration debate, more

Immigrant Advocates Skeptical On New DHS Public Advocate Position - Huffington Post A newly appointed agency liaison is to "talk to stakeholders in immigration and report their concerns back to ICE leadership," but advocacy groups say they are skeptical as to how well the plan will work.

Radical U.S. Muslims Little Threat, Study Says - New York Times In spite of Rep. Peter King's hearings on homegrown militants, a University of North Carolina study has found little evidence of this warned-of wave taking place. Of about 14,000 murders in the United States last year, none resulted from Islamic extremism.

Texas reaches accord with some Latino groups on new election maps - Los Angeles Times Texas' attorney general and some Latino groups have agreed to a redistricting plan that "they said minimized changes to the original redistricting maps drafted by the state's Republican-run Legislature."

Latino groups say Pete Wilson endorsement will sting Mitt Romney - San Francisco Chronicle Some say that former California governor Wilson's record on immigration will only hurt the GOP presidential candidate, whose tough immigration stance has likely cost him Latino votes already.

Influx of Haitians Into the Amazon Prompts Immigration Debate in Brazil - New York Times Brazil has restricted Haitian immigration after thousands of immigrants from Haiti, which is still reeling from a catastrophic 2010 earthquake, began settling in remote parts of the Amazon.