Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Race and the killing of Trayvon Martin, Romney after Puerto Rico, Guatemalans in the Inland Empire, more

Killing Of Fla. Teen Trayvon Martin Becomes National Story About Race - NPR The killing of an unarmed black teenage boy in Florida has become a flash point for racial tension, especially after 911 tapes revealed that the accused shooter, a white man, pursued him first.

Romney, after Puerto Rico victory, says he can lure Latino voters - Los Angeles Times GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney has said that he can "get Latino voters to vote for a Republican and take back the White House" after winning Puerto Rico's Republican primary. But critics aren't so sure.

Canada becoming a more attractive choice for Irish immigrants than US - Irish Central As Ireland's economy struggles, more temporary workers appear to be heading for Canada lately, with the number of visas up. One news report claims that with more flexible immigration policies, "Canada is now rivaling America in terms of attracting Irish immigrants."

State immigration law exempts farmworkers, nannies - The Greenville News On an exemption for farm workers and "the help," such as maids and nannies, in South Carolina's new anti-illegal immigration law. The law otherwise punishes employers who don't verify employee's immigration status.

IMMIGRATION: Guatemalans flocking to Inland area - The Press-Enterprise Immigrants from Guatemala have put down roots over the past two decades in Riverside, California and surrounding inland communities. The area now ranks eighth among U.S. metro areas in its number of Guatemalan-born residents and their descendants.