Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Policies that make immigrants stay, immigration and same-sex couples, accused smuggler on Craigslist, more

US policies encourage immigrants to stay, study finds - California Watch A new report suggests that U.S. immigration policies and laws have unintentionally prompted more immigrants to stay in the country, including those here illegally. 

El Segundo police arrest illegal immigrants who arrived on a smuggling boat - Southern California Public Radio The small smuggling boats that leave from Baja California are taking increasingly long trips north; among the 20 occupants of this boat found north of Manhattan Beach were 18 Mexican nationals, a Salvadoran man and a Chinese woman.

Officials: Smuggler recruits immigrants on Craigslist - Houston Chronicle Prosecutors say that a man from Mexico arrested recently was using Craigslist to recruit drivers for transporting undocumented migrants in Texas.

Court upholds ban on Texas immigrant housing law - BusinessWeek A federal appeals court has ruled against against a city measure in Farmers Branch, Texas that sought to have the city's building inspector check the immigration status of non-citizens wanting to rent an apartment.

Immigration, marriage laws leave same-sex couples in limbo - Kansas City Star "The foreign-born same-sex spouses and partners of Americans live in a unique legal limbo: In the eyes of the government, they're neither married nor are they citizens."