Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: An ICE ride-along, same-sex binational couples file suit, an 'alarming' immigration bill in Greece, more

On immigration operation, success and frustration - Los Angeles Times A ride-along with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as they conduct an operation targeting deportable immigrants with prior convictions, which recently led to the arrests of more than than 3,100 immigrants.

Romney slams Obama over immigration record - CBS News Campaigning in Wisconsin, GOP presidential candidate front-runner criticized President Obama for "failing to fix the nation's broken immigration system." He said he would favor immigrants with advanced degrees being allowed to stay in the country.

911 caller accused of lying to Pasadena police in McDade shooting is in US illegally - Southern California Public Radio According to authorities, Oscar Carillo, the 911 caller accused of making a false armed robbery report to Pasadena police which may have led to the shooting of unarmed teenager Kendrec McDade, is in the country illegally.

Greek bill to detain illegal immigrants for disease is 'alarming' - Los Angeles Times The human rights organization Amnesty International is calling a Greek government proposal to indefinitely detain undocumented immigrants suspected of having HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases “deeply alarming."

Civil Rights Groups Take Alabama Immigration Law to the UN - Fox News Latino Union and civil rights groups have filed a complaint with the United Nation's International Labor Organization over Alabama's stringent new anti-illegal immigration law, alleging that the measure violates international norms.

Lesbian & Gay Immigrant Families File Suit Challenging Federal Defense of Marriage Act - Sacramento Bee Five same-sex couples have filed suit challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents lesbian and gay U.S. citizens from sponsoring spouses for green cards. The lawsuit states that the plaintiffs "are being denied the immigration rights afforded to other similarly situated binational couples."