Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Teen charged in human smuggling crash, a Senate hearing on racial profiling, Obama's reform promise, more

Texas teen faces 9 murder counts after van crash that killed suspected illegal immigrants - Washington Post A 15-year-old boy from south Texas has been charged with nine counts of murder after the minivan he was driving crashed, killing nine undocumented immigrant passengers. The boy was also charged with 17 counts of smuggling.

Witness list for Senate hearing on racial profiling - Witnesses in a Senate subcommittee hearing today on racial profiling by law enforcement will include Sen. Benjamin Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland who is the lead sponsor of an anti-profiling bill.

Romney hire means shift on Hispanics - The Hill GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has hired strategist Ed Gillespie, a former head of the Republican National Committee who has long pushed for Republican outreach to Latino voters.

US Hispanics big business, says Nielsen report - BusinessWeek According to a new Nielsen report, the 50 million-plus U.S. Latino population "now spends about $1 trillion a year and will have buying power of $1.5 trillion by 2015...That power would land the U.S. Latino community among the world's top 20 economies."

Obama gets slammed for failed immigration reform promise - San Francisco Chronicle In a recent interview with Univision, President Obama promised to get comprehensive immigration reform passed in the first year of his second term if reelected. But, the piece reads: "In Latino political circles that promise is known as “la promesa de Obama.” And it remains a broken one."