Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Smaller immigrant rights crowds on May Day, Romney and Latinos, legal residents and political campaigns, more

Where Immigration Rallies Once Drew Hundreds of Thousands, Few Turn Out - Fox News Latino Participation in May Day immigration rallies yesterday was a fraction of what it was back during the massive protests of 2006, and this year the rallies were overshadowed by the Occupy movement. But immigrant rights activists say rally participation is less of an issue than other efforts have been, such as getting immigrants to become U.S. citizens and register to vote.

Man who scammed immigrants, businesses with fake work visas will not serve prison time - Southern California Public Radio Carlos Alberto Silva of Canoga Park was arrested last summer for scamming businesses and immigrants looking for work visas. A judge has sentenced him to time in a halfway house and home detention, but no prison time.

How Mitt Romney Could Lure Latinos - ABC News One recent voter poll revealed 67 percent support for President Obama among registered Latino voters, versus 25 percent support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. To stand a chance of winning the White House, Romney needs to draw more votes from Latinos. Is there a way he can do it?

Immigrants with conditional permanent green cards have right to donate to electoral campaigns - New York Daily News A Q&A examines how while legal residents can't vote, they can donate money and work in support of a political candidate or campaign. However, they must be legal permanent residents in the U.S., and not other visa holders.

UC student senator's Muslim costume causes controversy - JTA A student senator at UC San Diego is at the center of a controversy after he posed for a photograph at a campus party dressed in a robe and head-covering costume and posted it on Facebook. Three women with him were identified in a caption as his "three wives."