Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The California primary, the state's demographic and political shifts, increase in Syrians seeking asylum, more

Incumbents clash in primaries for House seats - Politico Among several things at issue in California are the state's redrawn political boundaries and voter turnout, including among Latinos, which is expected not to be high.

Why California Booted the GOP - and Other States Will Too - Rolling Stone A take on demographic and political shifts taking place: "...they are old and white in a state that's increasingly young and brown. Two decades of immigration and changing demographics have steadily eroded the Republican base in the Golden State."

Can Romney count on Hispanic entrepreneurs? - CNN Money Some Latino small business owners appreciate GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's position on lower taxes and less regulation. But some are also turned off by his stance on immigration.

Deportation review begins in Bay Area immigration court - Marin Independent Journal The immigration court in San Francisco, one of the country's busiest, is partially closed for a two-week review of deportation cases to determine who might be deemed a low priority for removal.

Secure Communities Immigration Checks Resisted In District Of Columbia - Huffington Post Washington, D.C. council members hope to pass a local law that would instruct local police to ignore requests from immigration officials to hold certain people for deportation under Secure Communities, a federal enforcement program. A state bill with similar provisions is pending in California.

Syrians Flee Violence at Home, Find Refuge in Southern California - New America Media According to federal immigration officials, asylum applications from Syrians have "increased drastically within the last two years, with 236 applications filed nationally this year, up from 124 filed in 2011 and just 36 in 2010."