Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Alabama immigrants afraid to seek health care, 'hijabistas' in fashion, educational disparities within ethnic grou

Tougher immigration law has migrant workers seeking healthcare in the field - News 10 Health workers from migrant clinics are reaching out to immigrant laborers in Alabama's farm fields, who are reluctant to seek health care after the state enacted a strict anti-illegal immigration law.

Hijabistas: Inside the World of Muslim-American Fashion - KCET From the story: "Hijabista. The word - which fuses 'hijab' and 'fashionista' - gained traction a few years ago when young Muslim women around the world realized they could follow the Islamic rules for modest dressing without stifling their need for creative expression."

Data Shows Educational Disparities Between Asian, Latino Groups That Are Often Lumped Together - KQED New census data shows Indians and Taiwanese to be among the most highly educated in California, but their success masks the struggles of other Asian groups, for example Laotians, only 11.5 percent of whom have bachelor's degrees. Similar disparities hold true for Latinos.

Mitt Romney's newly announced Hispanic Steering Committee includes a half dozen supporters of the DREAM Act he opposes - Boston Globe The committee, dubbed "Juntos con Romney" includes an unlikely assortment of supporters and one co-sponsor of legislation that has proposed legal status for undocumented students and military recruits; Romney has long expressed his opposition to the measure.

Civil rights groups urge immigrants to use hot line - CNN The Southern Poverty Law Center is asking immigrants in Alabama to use a legal hot line launched in September to report problems possibly related to a state anti-illegal immigration law enacted last year.