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Poll: Obama maintains wide lead among Latinos

Source: Latino Decisions

It's too soon to know if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's new Spanish-language ads touting his father's Mexican birthplace will see any payoff, but a new poll of Latino voters could well have him in an it's-time-to-try-anything position.

According to new survey results released by the Latino Decisions polling firm, President Obama's lead over rival Romney with Latino voters continues to grow. Obama, whose weak point among Latinos has been his tough immigration record, got a bump among these voters following a June announcement that he would allow some young undocumented immigrants to apply for temporary legal status. The effect has apparently yet to wear off, leaving Obama with a 70-22 percent lead over Romney among the Latino voters polled.

While Obama polled ahead of Romney among Latinos in general, his greatest lead was among the first generation. Among naturalized citizens, Obama led Romney 72-19 percent. He also led by a wide margin among Latinos who are Spanish-dominant, 76-15. More from the poll results:

Two concerns for Romney may be that 13% of self-identified Latino Republicans say they will cross-over and vote for Obama and 60% of Independents plan to vote for Obama.  In contrast only 2% of Democrats say they plan to vote for Romney.

Another recent survey pegged a majority of Latinos as political independents, although most of those who self-described as independents still had a tendency lean Democratic.

The full Latino Decisions poll results can he read here.