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American snapshot: Halal teriyaki Mexican ramen?

Photo courtesy of Calvin Ho

Yes, it does exist. Blogger/sociology grad student Calvin Ho posted this on his Asian diasporas blog, The Plaid Bag Connection:
Soupless instant ramen (à la Indomie) in flavors meant to appeal to a Mexican/American clientele. Spotted in a Chinese/Vietnamese/pan-Asian supermarket in San Jose. Made in California, of course.

Not sure how much this tasty-sounding stuff has been marketed to Latinos - I personally haven't noticed it in Latin American supermarkets, which isn't to say it's not there - but Ho spotted an intriguing-sounding pollo habanero flavor, too. The noodles are the product of Mexi-Ramen USA, a California subsidiary of a food products company based in Malaysia.

(via The Plaid Bag Connection)