Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Romney to address immigration in L.A. speech, another SB 1070 challenge, deferred action and schools, more

Romney to hit Obama on immigration in key speech - USA Today In his speech before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce today in Los Angeles, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to "criticize Obama's handling of the (immigration) issue and promise to work with Republicans and Democrats for a comprehensive fix."

Has SB 1070 seen the last of its legal challenges? Not by a longshot - Associated Press Opponents of Arizona's SB 1070 have asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for an order blocking a part of the law that would let police check for immigration status. The provision was to have taken effect shortly.

Immigration cheated us, investors say - Courthouse News Service  Eighteen immigrants from China, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, India, Iran, Canada and the Netherlands are alleging in court that the United States improperly denied them legal residency after they spent $11.5 million to create almost 300 U.S. jobs.

'Deferred action' program puts strain on L.A. Unified - Los Angeles Times The school district is overwhelmed with requests for documents as young undocumented immigrants seek education records and other paperwork that will prove their length of stay in the country, a necessary part of the application process for temporary legal stautus.

LA Copt and Muslim Egyptians denounce religious violence from afar - Southern California Public Radio In Los Angeles County, home to the alleged filmmaker behind an anti-Muslim film that has sparked violence in the Middle East, both commuites have come together to condemn the film and the violent reaction.

Immigrants are losing the policy fight. But that's beside the point - ColorLines An opinion piece by ColorLines' Rinku Sen, who writes that the immigrant rights movement, "for all its vibrancy and depth, has been losing the policy fight" along with "the profoundly racialized cultural fight over the nation’s identity, limiting our ability to frame the debate."