Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Romney's 'Latino problem,' border rescues, immigrant integration in California, more

Mitt Romney's Latino problem - Washington Post Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tried to appeal to Latinos yesterday during an appearance in Los Angeles before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, but poll numbers show him far behind President Obama among Latino voters, and losing ground.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Latino impact by the numbers - Fox News Latino From the story: "At 52 million, they now comprise more than 16 percent of the nation's total population, making them the largest ethnic or race minority in the United States. They account for a large percentage of new small business owners, generating roughly $351 billion in receipts annually."

'Desert Angels' search for imperiled border crossers - North County Times A profile on Rafael Hernandez, who heads a volunteer search and rescue group called Angeles del Desierto, or Desert Angels. The 57-year-old immigrant from Mexico gets calls every day, and has been involved in border rescue efforts for 15 years.

Study: LA County does well at welcoming immigrants, not so well at integrating them - Southern California Public Radio A new study rates different California regions in terms of how well immigrants can integrate there, from warmth of welcome to long-term economic prosperity. Los Angeles County ranks high on the welcome end, but that is about it.

'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker duped Christian charity, leader says - Los Angeles Times The president of the Duarte charity Media for Christ said he was duped into offering the charity's broadcast studio for 10 days to a local filmmaker who made an offensive anti-Muslim film that has been blamed for violent reacitons in the Middle East. Egypt has since issued an arrest warrant for the filmmaker and seven others.